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Body Shape vs. BMI

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Waist circumference better predictor of heart disease than BMI, new study finds

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Video Transcript: 

When it comes to heart disease, should you and your health team pay more attention to body shape or body mass index?

A new study finds apple versus pear body shape may be a stronger predictor of heart disease than weight or BMI.

Researchers enrolled 200 patients with diabetes who were considered to be at high risk for heart attacks, stroke or death, but had no evidence of heart disease yet.

During the monitoring period, participants underwent tests and scans to evaluate heart function. Their weight, body mass index and waist circumference were also tracked.

The results showed that abdominal obesity was strongly associated with left ventricular dysfunction, independent of weight or BMI.

One of the researchers said these findings confirm “that having an apple-shaped body – or high waist circumference – can lead to heart disease and that reducing your waist size can reduce your risks.”

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