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Height, Weight and Life Success

Is being short or overweight a real disadvantage when it comes to career and income?

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Video Transcript: 
Do your height, weight and other genetic factors influence your success in life?

A new study looked at genetic variants and how they affect socio-economic status. Researchers analyzed biological information related to height and weight from nearly 120,000 men and women. Then, they compared 5 known measures of socio-economic success, including level of education, job class and annual household income. According to the results, shorter height is linked to lower levels of education, lower job status and less income, especially for men. And higher body mass index is linked to lower income and increased risk of social deprivation in women.

The authors say, “These findings have important social and health implications, supporting evidence that overweight people, especially women, are at a disadvantage and that taller people, especially men, are at an advantage.”

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