Columbus, OH,
16:44 PM

Help Make a Cancer Patient's Day While at Wildlights

Wildlights - Cards for Patients

Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a favorite holiday tradition in central Ohio, known for glowing with millions of festive LED lights and a variety of holiday fun.  This year, a new activity is available, where children and adults can create a card to spread some cheer to patients receiving treatment for cancer at OhioHealth during the holidays.

Wildlights - Columbus Zoo and AquariumLocated in Jack Hanna’s Animal Encounters Village (an immediate left when you first enter the Zoo) is a station where guests can write a note for patients, drop it in the accompanying mailbox and help make a patient smile.

“Guests can stop and write a note of hope to patients receiving care at OhioHealth facilities throughout the holiday season,” said Caitlin Garling, partnerships activation coordinator for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.  “Notes will make their way to patients at various times throughout the season.”

Wildlights guest Raven Flanigan of Ashland recently stopped by to write a card.

“I think it’s really nice,” said Flanigan.  “It’s good to let them have encouragement and a little thing to brighten their day.”

“Our hope is that as patients receive these notes, especially from the little kiddos because the notes I’ve read have been so inspiring and loving, that they feel the extension of what Wildlights is,” said Garling. “And that we’re sending love and best wishes this holiday season.”

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