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HOOFit Preview - Fitness Trackers
10TV HOOFit 8-22-19

At the most recent OhioHealth HOOFit walk, 117 people braved a morning downpour of rain and headed to The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to get their steps in while learning about how different apps and technology can help them monitor their health. Fortunately, the rain stopped just as the walk kicked-off!

Walkers had the opportunity to talk to OhioHealth physicians about the benefits of wearable fitness trackers, as well as apps for their phones that can help track everything from water intake to weight.  Check out the video of the walk in the second video player at the top of this page, where you'll hear from Kevin Stiver, MD, an interventional cardiologist at OhioHealth Doctors Hospital

Before the walk, 10TV Commit to Be Fit reporter Molly Brewer talked with Elizabeth Reed, who uses her fitness tracker to follow her recovery from hip replacement surgery.

“I feel like I am stronger and certainly have more stamina coming off of that post-surgery crash where you’re doing nothing for a period of time,” Reed told Brewer.

Reed said her fitness tracker was a big motivator to move.

“Each day I could be motivated as to how many steps to take. And each week I would set longer and longer goals,” she said.

Tony Hansen, an exercise physiologist at the OhioHealth McConnell Heart Health Center told 10TV that they are a great way to make sure you’re not being too sedentary.

“You can look at your wrist and see how active you’ve been that day or if you’ve been sitting too long,” Hansen said. “Trackers are smart enough to let you know it’s time to move or stand up.”The downside? Becoming obsessed with hitting your goals every day.

“You can get a little obsessive with it, knowing that you have to hit that goal no matter what you’re doing or where you are,” Hansen told Brewer. “Some might push through discomfort or injury to get those steps in. We don’t want that.”

The final HOOFit walk of the season will take place on Thursday, Sept. 19 at 9:30 a.m. The topic will be “Staying Ahead of the Pack: Preparing for a Healthy Winter Season.” The walks are free with your zoo admission. You can pre-register for a chance to win a prize at the walk by clicking here:

Keep in mind that HOOFit walks are fun and for everyone, regardless of age! 92-year-old Phyllis Young stays young by remaining active and participating in activities like HOOFit as much as she can. You can meet Phyllis in the video below.

Phyllis HOOFit