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Integrating the Arts with Cancer Treatment

Recently, WOSU-TV visited the Bing Cancer Center to learn about OhioHealth's art and music therapy program. They spent time in the infusion center watching patients participate in art projects or listen to live music during their treatments.

Through this program, art and science are integrated in a positive way to help patients ease stress and improve their quality of life.

Guitarist John Morgan shares that prior to art and music therapy programs like the one at OhioHealth, it seemed like you could pick art or science, but not have both at once.

Now, the two disciplines are coming together to help patients as they are treated for cancer. Patients who are experiencing any form of psychological distress can engage in music or art therapy to help reduce their anxiety, pain and depression.

Peppy Cheroff is just one patient who has experienced the positive effects of art. Faced with high blood pressure, she asked to think of something peaceful as she was handed a brush and canvas. After painting a beach scene, it was discovered that her blood pressure had lowered.

But it goes beyond just painting a picture or singing a song. Literature shows a correlation between levels of depression and survival. If you can improve a patient’s depression, you can improve their chances of survival.

You can watch the full story on YouTube.

You can also learn more about the integration of arts and medicine at OhioHealth.