Delaware, OH,
16:32 PM

Ironman 70.3 Ohio

Delaware And OhioHealth Shine In Year 2

Ironman 2017 Wrap Up

Ironman 70.3 Ohio year 2 is in the books, and what a year it was.

The red carpet was rolled out for athletes, families, and others for another huge event in a community that is always thinking big.

"I think Delaware has embraced the idea and brings a spotlight to a city like Delaware, this isn’t a small rural town, and it’s grown up," Dr. Jason Diehl, MAX Sports Medicine, and Medical Director for Ironman Ohio said.

As the presenting sponsor, it was another successful event for OhioHealth too. OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital President Steve Bunyard says an event like this is a sweet spot for the organization and Grady.

"We are all excited to be a part of it, as we were last year.  It’s important for us to be connected with the community to be a part of community events. Ironman is just one more opportunity to be connected with the community and visitors that will be in Delaware," Bunyard said.

Voted as one of the best running courses in the entire Ironman series, Delaware certainly has laid claim to a true challenge for the athletes. Keep in mind this can be a grueling event for these world class athletes.

That’s why leaders and organizers say it’s critical to have the world class medical teams from OhioHealth on hand.

"Knowing that you have qualified physicians, OhioHealth is here, it's peace of mind knowing that you have these qualified professionals in case something went wrong," Tom Homan, Delaware City Manager, said.

And when the last athlete crossed the finish line, the thoughts race to next year: planning a bigger and better event. And working as a team, OhioHealth, Ironman, the city, and county. True partners.

"We are actually in the community, working with community leaders, and promoting an event that promotes wellness," Bunyard said.