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Kenton, OH,
22:13 PM

Kenton Times/WKTN: EMG Test Now Offered in Specialty Center at Hardin Memorial Hospital

Spine and neurological conditions can happen everywhere and the impact can be severe.  With that in mind, and to bring important procedures closer to home, OhioHealth Hardin Memorial Hospital is proud to offer electromyograms (EMG) as part of its neurology services provided in the Specialty Center. 

An EMG is an electrical test that looks at the nerves and muscles after leaving the spine.  The nerves mostly impacted are in the arms, legs, hand, feet and even the face. 

“Patients who are good candidates for this test have numbness and tingling in their extremities or have burning in their feet, especially patients who are diabetic,” OhioHealth board certified neurologist, Adam N. Ueberroth, MD, ABPN, said.  “Other patients who may benefit from the test include those who have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, pinched nerves in the elbow, wrist, neck or lower back with pain shooting down their legs.”

Dr. Ueberroth serves as the Chief of Neuromuscular for OhioHealth and is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both neurology and neurophysiology (EMG and EEG testing).

“This test is a good way to pinpoint exactly what specific area is causing issues so the proper treatment can be provided,” Dr. Ueberroth said.

Often-times neurological patients have mobility and pain concerns. The team at Hardin Memorial believes treating patients locally not only helps the patient with travel worries but also helps to build bridges with local providers and ultimately allows us to keep care local.

In addition to the EMG neurology services of Dr. Ueberroth, Sumaiya Z. Salim, MD, also treats patients in the Specialty Center twice a month.  For the patient’s convenience, she can offer established patients telehealth appointments so they can be served locally.

A referral is needed for both providers. For more information call Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Specialty Center at (419) 675-8101 or click here.