Lives at Stake: Our Opioid Crisis

Stories of Loss, Hope and Resources to Help

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Welcome to “Lives at Stake: Our Opioid Crisis; Stories of loss, hope, and resources to help.”

In this series, you will find informational resources along with personal stories and accounts from OhioHealth physicians, nurses and associates who are working tirelessly in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

The introduction will give you an inside look into how addiction directly affects families. It was written by a father who lost his son to substance abuse disorder and the journey of how it all happened.

Other stories look at other work throughout the system to fight the epidemic. Some doctors have worked with pregnant and addicted women, while others provide educational programs for students and their families. Others are working to provide more support for emergency department patients who have overdosed, providing them with education and a kit containing the life-saving drug Naloxone.

This series also includes helpful information about illicit drugs and what lethal substances could be in them. It provides resources for finding help, and also details the warnings signs of addiction.

We hope you will find this to be a helpful educational resource regarding the opioid crisis and what can be done to help fight it. OhioHealth is working to be a part of the solution to help end this epidemic. Education is key. Understanding substance abuse disorder and how it can affect everyone, no matter what walk of life they come from, is the first step towards ending the crisis.

You can click through this page of the OhioHealth Newsroom to read these important stories. From there, you can also download a PDF of the entire section that ran in local newspapers throughout the state.