Columbus, OH,
14:00 PM

Man Walks Daughter Down Aisle Despite Traumatic Brain Injury

Brad Murwin was ready for the biggest day of his daughter's life, her wedding.

However, at just 52-years-old,  his the path to the altar was more difficult than imagined.

“I went out to shovel the driveway and slipped and fell on the ice and hit my head pretty hard," Murwin told ABC6. "I really didn't feel the effects of it for a couple of weeks but then I noticed my balance seemed a little bit off. I went to the ER, they did a scan on my brain and next thing you know I'm in surgery.”  

Unable to fully use one side of his body, Murwin started the long process with the help of the Neurological Rehabilitation team at OhioHealth.

Every day tasks were a struggle for Murwin. With his daughter’s wedding in October, he had less than a year before it was time to walk her down the aisle.

These eight short months were no easy task for Murwin, but OhioHealth Neurological Physical Therapist Jodi Renard was eager to help. 

“He was young. The very first thing you think about is how young he is and how quickly life can change. My first task was to get him up out of his chair and try walking." Renard told ABC 6.

With practice and patience, the big day came. Murwin walked his daughter down the aisle, cane in hand and a smile on his face. 

“An emotional time for all,” Murwin said to reporter Kate Siefert.  “Once we made it down the aisle and I got to my seat I got all emotional again. I was super happy for her and super happy I could be there in that way for her too."

After the wedding, Murwin and his daughter, Katelyn, sent a thank you card, along with a photo of them walking down the aisle to Renard.

 "I have to say I obviously teared up because Brad and I have created a beautiful patient, therapist-relationship and I consider him a friend," she told ABC6.

Murwin is still going to therapy, working on strengthening his left side and walking independently.

He says he is thankful for all the team did to get him to his ultimate goal.

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