Marion, OH,
20:33 PM

Marion Star: OhioHealth Talks about Vaccine Hesitancy in the Black Community

Almost most six months after the COVID-19 vaccine began rolling out in Ohio, Black Americans still lag when it comes to getting their shot. 

According to federal data obtained by Kaiser Health News, only 22% of Black Americans have gotten a shot, and Black rates still trail those of whites in almost every state. The vaccination rate for Black Ohioans mirrors the nation's and lags the rate for Ohio whites by 11 points. As of Tuesday, 27.5% of African Americans have received at least their first dose, or 419,546 people. In Marion County, 20.8% of Black people have started the vaccine process, in comparison to 35% of whites. 

Black leaders in Marion hope those figures will rise as more people in the community decide to get vaccinated. One way they're working on increasing numbers is through a virtual forum with OhioHealth physicians and local leaders.

Titled, "Confidence to Choose: COVID-19 Vaccines and the Black Community," the forum took place May 27 at 7 p.m. on the OhioHealth Facebook page.

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