Columbus, OH,
17:24 PM

Medical Minute: Home Care Month

At Home MM

November is Home Care Month, a time to learn about options for care and how this specific care model can work best for you. The OhioHealth at Home team consists of many different groups all working together for the same goal: to provide great care, no matter if you are at home, in a hospital or within a space for end of life care like Kobacker House.

Your doctor will determine if medical care at home is right for you and the type of care you’ll need. A team of OhioHealth experts with varied expertise will direct your home care. Your home care team may include nurses, therapists, home health aides, social workers and dieticians.

"With our palliative team we are focused with caring for patients with serious illnesses," Mark Nelson, OhioHealth palliative care said.  "We are available at any stage or any age, with a goal of focus on the physicial, social, emotional, and spiritutal journey."

OhioHealth at Home’s care team uses OhioHealth’s best-practice clinical protocols – trusted and tested, evidence-based approaches. Our home care standards are the same as the excellent care we consistently provide in OhioHealth hospitals. We incorporate smart technology, the latest medical equipment and other resources to make your life easier.

"We are here to make someone's end of life care needs as easy and smooth as possible, and serve families in more than 20 counties in Ohio," Kim Graffis, OhioHealth Hospice said.

For more than 30 years, OhioHealth has been one of Ohio’s most trusted home healthcare providers. Leaders are working to ensure that OhioHealth at Home to be the healthcare service you trust – one team working together to make your life at home the very best it can be.

"We partner with hospitals to limit admissions, and is a great opportunity to keep people at home, and we have seen great outcomes, James Paul, OhioHealth Home Health said.

To learn more about OhioHealth At Home, click here.