Columbus, OH,
16:02 PM

Medical Minute: OhioHealth Survivorship Clinic

There's no doubt about it - a cancer diagnosis shapes a patient's life forever. But they're not alone.  At OhioHealth, we provide patients with the support they need to keep making plans, whether they're actively receiving cancer treatment or have completed their treatment plan.

It's called the OhioHealth Survivorship Clinic.   The staff makes every effort to improve our patients' well-being by developing personalized plans that meet their needs and refer them to any needed treatments, therapies or other services to restore, maintain and improve their overall wellness.

“Cancer survivorship is now recognized as a phase of cancer care,” said Collen Zombek, OhioHealth advanced oncology clinical nurse specialist.  "It involves health and well-being of anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.  It can start at diagnosis and continue through their lifetime.  So the survivorship clinic focuses on the total person.  It's a multidisciplinary team of experts that are assembled in the same place, at the same visit, to address all areas of concern related to cancer and cancer survivorship. 

The survivorship care team creates a personalized survivorship plan that includes:

  • Cancer screening recommendations
  • Genetic counseling
  • Managing late and long-term side effects of your cancer treatment
  • Managing emotional and social effects of your cancer treatment
  • Healthy lifestyle choices to help reduce your risk of cancer returning, such as proper nutrition, exercise, and any recommended immunizations and medications
  • Any other necessary referrals based on your personal needs

If you are interested in becoming a patient of the OhioHealth Survivorship Clinic, please talk with your provider or nurse navigator about a referral.  Interested patients may also call the clinic directly at 614-566-2300.

Click here to learn more about the OhioHealth Survivorship Clinic.