Columbus, OH,
16:56 PM

Medical Weight Management Program Helps Shed Pounds Without Surgery

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Bariatric surgery has become a popular way to shed unwanted pounds, but there’s another option for people who want to lose weight without surgery­–medical weight management. For some, the results are impressive.

Marvin Jackson began the OhioHealth Weight Management in 2016 after a string of unsuccessful diets left him dangerously overweight and depressed. At the time, he hovered near 400 pounds, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Marvin committed to the program, attended weekly classes on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes, met regularly with a doctor and psychologist, had routine blood work done and started an exercise program at the McConnell Heart Health Center.

More than a year later, Marvin has lost nearly a quarter of his body weight, some 100 pounds, has lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure and no longer has diabetes.He says he feels better than he has in decades. 

To see the rest of Marvin’s story and learn more about the OhioHealth Weight Management Program, check out the video above.