Mansfield, OH,
14:00 PM

Mobile health unit’s goal is to improve infant mortality rate


The Mom & Baby Mobile Health Unit, a partnership between the March of Dimes, OhioHealth and Third Street Family Health Services, will provide critical prenatal services to underserved expectant mothers of northern Richland County. Ohio is ranked 45th in the nation and Richland County is ranked 72nd in the state for infant mortality. The mobile unit’s services will include comprehensive and compassionate prenatal and postpartum care, women’s health services, well-baby care, and connections to community resources.

The unit will be based in Plymouth, Ohio, for one day a week. According to Lisa Amlung Holloway, maternal child health director for the March of Dimes, Northern Richland County was a focus, because it has a higher-than-average poverty rate and lack of access to health care, particularly prenatal care,

In addition to the use of the vehicle over the next five years, the March of Dimes is contributing $50,000 in funding for operations including supplies, maintenance, vehicle insurance and administration costs. Third Street Family Health Services’ new OB/GYN physician, Dr. Nativa Modi, will be accompanied by a nurse practitioner to provide care within the mobile unit. In addition, OhioHealth will provide lab services.

To schedule an appointment, call (419) 525.6732.