Columbus, OH,
20:59 PM

NBC4: Anchors Return for Mammograms During Pandemic

10.28.20 TV4 Mammograms at Bing

For the second October in a row, NBC4 anchors Darlene Hill and Colleen Marshall visited the OhioHealth Arthur G.H. Bing Cancer Center for their yearly mammograms.

Both women came in 2019 for their first mammograms in many years and are now committed to making annual mammograms part of their yearly routine.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic made things a little different this year, a year where many women are using it as an excuse to skip screenings.  But even in the midst of a pandemic, you still need a mammogram.  Darlene and Colleen wanted to take the opportunity to show women that it is safe to get screened.  There are some differences, including masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer.  But screening is vital and can be done safely.

"Women need to do it for their own health," said Lauren Miller, MD, a radiologist with Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates.  "They can comfortably and safely do it."  

"I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't have come in if she didn't make me do it," Colleen said of Darlene's encouragement.  "I don't have time for this, I don't have a history in my family and I put it off when I really shouldn't."

However, Dr. Miller said that even if you don't have a family history, you still need to make screening a priority.

"The majority of cases are actually in patients that don't have a family history of breast cancer," said Dr. Miller.

OhioHealth recommends women follow the current National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines:

  • Screening mammogram beginning at age 40 for all women
  • An annual clinical breast exam by a doctor
  • Monthly breast self-exams
  • Specific mammogram screening guidelines can be discussed with your OhioHealth physician

Women should talk to their doctors about the screening that is right for their individual needs. Women at high risk for breast cancer may need more frequent or earlier mammogram screening. To find an OhioHealth mammography location convenient for you, please click here.