Columbus, OH,
19:53 PM

NBC4: Columbus Hospitals Say They Are Well Prepared for Mass Casualties

Following the massacre in Orlando over the weekend, many Columbus community members are wondering if area hospitals are prepared for an influx of patients should such an event happen here. NBC4 reporter Dan Pearlman spoke to Shay O'Mara, MD, medical director of Grant Trauma Services, about how hospitals prepare for mass casualties.

Local Hospitals Train for Crisis

Although we hope it’s something we never have to see, trauma surgeons at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center say they are ready for the unthinkable. There is always at least one 24/7 trauma surgeon at the Center, and several more on call, ready to come in.

According to Dr. O’Mara, in situations like Orlando, hospital leadership takes notes on what happened and what can be learned from it. One lesson that was learned after the incidents in Boston and San Francisco, is that help is going to be needed 12 and 24 hours later.

In the event of a mass casualty, many patients would be seen at Grant Medical Center’s Level I Trauma Center, where highly trained surgeons can jump into action.

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