Columbus, OH,
16:21 PM

NBC4: Cancer doctor credits mammogram with saving her life

A recent study out of Denmark claims that one in three women who find their breast cancer via mammography is treated unnecessarily. Studies like this come as a shock to Deepa Halaharvi, DO, a breast surgeon with OhioHealth Breast and Cancer Surgeons, who disagrees with the findings.

“The thing with that is we really don’t know which cancer is aggressive and which cancer is not,” Dr. Halaharvi recently told NBC4 reporter Katie Ferrell in an interview about the study.

Dr. Halaharvi told NBC4 that all breast cancers don’t pose the same risk, but the benefits of early detection and treatment cannot be overlooked.

“It’s all about survival. It’s all about having a good quality of life with your family and kids,” she said.

Dr. Halaharvi was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42 and credits mammography for catching her cancer in its early stage.

OhioHealth recommends women follow the current National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines below.

  • Screening mammogram beginning at age 40 for all women
  • An annual clinical breast exam by a doctor
  • Monthly breast self-exams
  • Specific mammogram screening guidelines can be discussed with your OhioHealth physician

Mammography has proven to save lives through early detection. In fact, Dr. Halaharvi says they reduce the breast cancer death rate by 30%.

Women should talk to their doctors about the screening that is right for their individual needs. Women at high risk for breast cancer may need more frequent or earlier mammogram screening. To find an OhioHealth mammography location convenient for you, please click here.