Columbus, OH,
21:55 PM

NBC4: COVID Numbers Rise in Ohio

NBC4 - Ohio COVID Cases Over 2000

The numbers of positive cases of COVID-19 are continuing to rise.  As of October 15, 29 counties in Ohio are red (Level 3) on Ohio's coronavirus advisory map.  The state also has two consecutive days of new cases over 2,000 daily.  

Gov. Mike DeWine said that 52 of Ohio's counties are showing a high incidence of spread, which indicates there are more than 100 cases per 100,000 residents over a two-week period. According to the governor,  29 of 88 Ohio counties are at level 3, which is 65% of the state’s population.

“There’s a red tide flowing all over the state of Ohio,” DeWine said. “Virtually everybody in Ohio is living in a high incident, high rate of spread area."

So why are numbers starting to increase again?  NBC4 recently talked to Joseph Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth system medical director of infectious diseases to learn about some possibilities, such as the change in the weather and COVID fatigue.

"COVID-19 has really affected a lot of people's well-being," said Dr. Gastaldo.  "That subconsciously - or consciously - leads to you wanting it to go away.  And maybe, this causes people to be more relaxed on some of the mitigation strategies (like not wearing masks, gathering in groups, etc). COVID-19 fatigue is here.  We have to acknowledge that, but we still have to double down on all the mitigation strategies we've talked about for such a long time."