Columbus, OH,
16:59 PM

NBC4: How to Fight Childhood Obesity During COVID-19

TV4 Child Fitness 5.24.20

COVID-19 has led to a lot of closures throughout Ohio, and including schools. While remote learning works for most types of classes, some courses, like physical education, are harder to teach online. 

Benjamin Bring, DO, a family physician at OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital, spoke with NBC4 about some of the concerns doctors are having over childhood obesity rates now that children have a lack of access to recess and physical education. 

“I know kids, especially, it’s tough to motivate a young child to say, ‘Hey, let’s go out for a run,’” Dr. Bring told NBC4 reporter Whitney Harding. “Most studies will say that 30 minutes of physical activity that’s scheduled throughout the day can really help with things like depression, anxiety and mood disorders.”

Dr. Bring recommends that parents revert back to some old-fashioned ways of sneaking in some exercise, while also making it a family activity.

“Going back to the days of playing soccer in your front yard – I know just kicking a soccer ball around with my son or hitting baseballs – those are just some fun things you can do,” said Dr. Bring. “Just get creative with exercise right now.”