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NBC4: How to Pick an Effective Sunscreen

7.14.21 TV4 Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential purchase in the summer.  But with so many types and different SPF numbers, how do you know which one is right for you and your family?  That was a question NBC4 reporter Matthew Herchik recently asked Frank Morocco, Jr., DO, a dermatologist with OhioHealth Physician Group in Marion.  

"Three of the most important things to look at on a label would be that a sunscreen in SPF30 or higher," said Dr. Morocco.  "You want to make sure that it is broad spectrum, which means that it blocks UVA and UBA rays.  And you also want to make sure they are water resistant."

For kids, Dr. Morocco recommends looking for a mineral based sunscreen.  

"Mineral based sunscreens are more of a physical blocking sunscreen," said Dr. Morocco.  "This will actually block the sun instead of absorbing it like some of the chemical sunscreens."

Do you need different types of sunscreen for different activities, say one for hiking and one for swimming?  Dr. Morocco told NBC4 that no matter the activity, water resistant sunscreen is key.

"Water resistant is important just because of sweat," said Dr. Morocco.  "One of those most important things is to reapply your sunscreen every two hours.  An SPF 100 isn't going to stay on any longer than an SPF30.  Reapplying every two hours is important."

And, even if you're not going to be spending the day outside, Dr. Morocco still recommends sunscreen as the sun can reach you through windows.

"Use sunscreen on a daily basis.  Anything SPF 30 or higher can help with facial aging and also sun protection."

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