Columbus, OH,
17:23 PM

NBC4 and ABC6: How to Safely Date During the Pandemic

February is the month of love!  But what does dating look like during the pandemic?  Is it safe to swipe right with COVID-19 still very much a factor?

That is a question that OhioHealth physician recruiter Jackie Ning recently asked Joe Gastaldo, MD, OhioHealth system director of infectious diseases.  

“Even though COVID has been so crazy, it’s a really good indicator of how people are responding and taking care of themselves. Which really helps you vet your future partner more,” said Jackie in an interview with NBC4 reporter Matt Herchik. “I’ve done a couple FaceTime dates, and that’s a great way to gauge the conversation and really see what that interaction and connection might be.”

Dr. Gastaldo says even on that first in-person date, you need to follow COVID-19 mitigation strategies, like wearing masks.

“I think it really comes up to two people having an honest and transparent conversation with each other about how they live their lives, their beliefs about COVID,” says Dr. Gastaldo.  "You really want to think about the whole layers of protection that we have available, especially for the first encounter."

And for what to do on that date?  Going outside is ideal.

“I have been going on a lot of hiking dates, which is fun, and is a great way to get some exercise,” said Ning.

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