Columbus, OH,
20:49 PM

NBC4: Making Room for COVID-19 Patients

TV4 4P Hospital Surge 3.25.20

With new cases of COVID-19 being diagnosed every day, OhioHealth is making sure its hospitals are well prepared for a potential surge of patients. As of March 25, OhioHealth has all the necessary space to treat its current COVID-19 patients.

“We have freed up at least 35 percent capacity at every care site, some more and some less than others,” Stacey Armstrong, chief operating officer at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital, told NBC4 reporter Dan Pearlman.

In the event of a surge, OhioHealth is working to identify alternate care sites, and while no selections have been made yet, there are approximately 35 outside locations where patients could be treated.

“Everything that’s empty is on our radar,” said Armstrong. “There are all kinds of opportunities, but right now, we’re in a really good space for the first two weeks.”