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NBC4: Tips to Fight Cold and Flu

While the winter months can mean staying inside and keeping cozy, they also mean that cold and flu symptoms are on the rise. Every time we turn around, it seems like another person is coughing into their hands or blowing their nose. And the bad news? These symptoms are spreading.

Benjamin Bring, DO, a family physician at OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital, says local doctors’ offices are getting flooded with phone calls from people asking about what they can do to fight these annoying symptoms. That’s pretty typical for cold and flu season, especially with the different strands of cold and flu going around right now.

Since many doctors don’t test for cold viruses in adults, it can be hard to figure out what exactly is causing your illness. The best way to help alleviate symptoms is through over-the-counter medication.

“The nighttime coughing has been driving everyone nuts,” Dr. Bring told NBC4 reporter Rob Sneed. “We have anti-tuss, over-the-counter and things that help with cough, especially to help you get to sleep at night.”

While many supplements typically aren’t FDA-approved, adding in some mineral supplements along with your medication may actually help your condition.

“There are studies out there that show zinc, early in the course, can help,” said Dr. Bring. “Zinc supplements can actually help. Also, just doing warm tea with honey."

However, when it comes to the flu, no amount of over-the-counter medications or zinc is going to help. Your best bet when experiencing flu symptoms like fever, aches and weakness, is to get to the doctor as soon as possible for treatment  

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