Columbus, OH,
14:00 PM

Neurological Choir Sings From Heart

Neuro Choir

What goes better with the holiday season, than holiday music?

But behind these voices in the newly established Neurological Choir at OhioHealth are stories.  Each one of these men and women, putting their hearts and souls into this performance at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital has a story. Each suffered a neurological event.

"When we first started this, I was so impressed by the interest. We had many people come out, and they really got into it," Sarah Sheets, Music Therapist at Central Ohio Music Therapy said.

The group started to practice, a few times a week. And during that time, the therapists could see the performances grow.

"I'm so excited, because they were excited, they started picking music we would sing too," Sheets said.

Little did they know, but the choir was asked to perform a few holiday songs at the tree lighting at Riverside Methodist Hospital.

"Even through it was a quick turnaround from where we started to the performance, that was really motivating for them," Sheets said.

There is no doubt, they have overcome a lot to get here, to get in front of this crowd. But they’ve made it, and now they are brining cheer to others, in their very own neurological choir.

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