Dublin, OH,
18:49 PM

OhioHealth And Ohio University Continue Strong Partnership

New Ohio University Provost takes first tour of OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital

OU Provost Tours DMH

What does it take for two highly successful organizations to come together and build what some to consider a model for partnership?

Ohio University and OhioHealth have built a foundation that is showing real staying power.

“What we are doing is so much more that training a cohort of students," said Dr. Kenneth H. Johnson, Executive Dean, Heritage College & Chief Medical Affairs Office said.  "It’s about improving the health of the citizens of Ohio, and we haven’t even tapped into the potential of the relationship with education, research.”

But what is already is place, has been an amazing start, with so much potential.

"Our partnership with Ohio University has enabled us to wide range of things for our community, and that wouldn’t be possible without that partnership," Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, OhioHealth Chief Medical Officer said.

Now, an exciting new chapter, as Ohio University welcomes a new Provost, Dr. Chaden Djilali.

 “It’s really exciting, with this institution and all we can do with the partnership for our students and the whole area,” Dr. Djilali said.

On this day, Dr. Djilali took his first tour of OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital with OhioHealth chief medical officer, Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff.

"I’m truly impressed with what we have here and it should be a model and needs to be duplicated," Dr. Djilali said.

While these two leaders are working to get to know each other, they already share a vision of what this relationship means to not only the medical students who will make their way to the health system, but for what that ultimately means for Dublin, and central Ohio.

“When a new leader comes to any organizations and in the case of a new Provost, it’s a big event in the life of our relationship,” Dr. Vanderhoff said.

“I’m like a little kid in the candy store, what else we can do, how can we duplicate this," Dr. Djilali said.  “Once you have flow of information, grassroots and top down, that’s when success happens.”