Circleville, OH,
15:00 PM

OhioHealth Berger Hospital Celebrates 500th Robotic Surgery

OhioHealth Berger Hospital is proud to announce that general surgeon Deepa Shah, MD recently completed her 500th robotic surgery, a significant milestone highlighting the hospital's commitment to advanced surgical care for the Pickaway and Ross County communities.

Shah and the surgical team have been performing a range of procedures robotically since the introduction of the method at Berger Hospital in 2021, including gallbladder removal, hernia repairs, colon and bowel resection, reflux operations, hysterectomy and removal of ovarian cysts. The technology makes it possible to complete complex procedures locally, rather than having to travel outside of the community for care.

In addition to keeping care local for community members, the innovative approach offers patients numerous benefits. "The advantages of robotic surgery are evident in better patient outcomes,” said Shah. “We observe less pain for our patients, as well as lower readmission rates, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery compared to traditional laparoscopic or open surgeries.”

“At the end of the day, the faster we can get our patients out of the hospital and back to their normal lives the better they are going to do,” said Shah.

Hospital president Casey Liddy emphasized the positive impact of investing in robotic technology. "Berger Hospital’s investment in the da Vinci Surgical System reflects our commitment to providing technologically advanced healthcare in our local community,” said Liddy. “The introduction of robotic surgery has significantly improved patient care and outcomes."

Shah’s 500th robotic surgery, performed on November 9, marks a milestone in the hospital's use of advanced surgical methods. Shah acknowledged the collaborative effort, stating, "I am thankful for the amazing team that supports me in providing the best care to our community."

Berger Hospital introduced the da Vinci Surgical System in March 2021, and enhanced the technology with a feature called XI in 2022.

The hospital will soon dedicate a space for the robot in a newly built operating room, reinforcing its commitment to advanced surgical care.

OhioHealth Berger Hospital offers a range of robotic surgery specialties, including colon and rectal surgeries, foregut surgery, general surgery and women’s health.

“Congratulations to Dr. Shah and the entire surgical team on this remarkable achievement,” said Liddy. “We look forward to celebrating the next 500 robotic surgeries alongside them.”