Mansfield, OH,
19:27 PM

OhioHealth Cancer Survivorship Clinic Helps Local Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

 OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital’s Cancer Survivorship Clinic helps breast cancer patients and survivors overcome physical, psychological, and social challenges related to their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Breast cancer patients treated at Mansfield Hospital receive personalized assessments and support beyond the last day of treatment. The clinic uses multiple approaches to help patients live well after cancer by managing treatment side effects, providing emotional support and coordinating prevention and wellness activities.

Cancer patients often fear recurrence. Distress screenings ask participants to rate how they are doing with issues with sleep, concentration and fatigue in addition to pain and emotional status. “Providing a continuum of oncology care is optimal,” says oncologist Srividya Viswanathan, MD. “Our job is to make their journey more endurable and ensure that they continue to do well.”

Services include regular physical exams, cancer screening recommendations and referral to genetic counseling to determine risks, if applicable. Nutrition counseling and fitness are also an important component of wellbeing. Participants can take grocery tours with nutrition experts and enroll in a 10-week program with a personal trainer, among other options. A social worker helps patients with socioeconomic challenges, from transportation and financial needs to emotional support and counseling.

“Everything they need is close to home and in one setting,” says nurse practitioner Tammy Canfield. “Having aftercare in one location helps patients, who are weary from the frequent trips for treatment, tests and office visits.”

Canfield says patients, who have hesitated to add one more appointment to their schedules, have found the survivorship clinic to be well worth their time. “I’ve heard them say, ‘I’m so glad I was able to come and do this.’ We’re small, but we have so many resources, and so many people who go way above and beyond to help.”

Patients and survivors may also take advantage of additional offerings, such as massage or art therapy, at OhioHealth Bing Cancer Center in Columbus. Mansfield Hospital hopes to offer this type of programming as the clinic grows, as well as expand it to eventually reach all cancer survivors.

 Breast cancer survivors come to the clinic through a referral from their oncologist after treatment. The clinic is located at the Medical Offices at Mansfield Hospital and is part of the organization’s comprehensive cancer services, which include specialized medical, surgical and radiation oncology as well as infusion and laboratory services. For more information about OhioHealth Cancer Care, call (800) 752-9119.