Columbus, OH,
17:22 PM

OhioHealth Doctor Encourages Hispanic Population to Seek Preventive Care

Hispanic Heritage month is a time to recognize the positive impact that Hispanic Americans have had on the country. OhioHealth’s vision and values celebrate the diversity of its people and community.

TorresOhioHealth neurosurgeon, Juan E Torres-Reveron, MD spoke with 10TV about the importance of prioritizing healthcare for the Hispanic community. “Everybody here is a human, we all have value. You are living a legacy into this country. How about we leave that legacy for a long period of time.” Says Dr. Torres-Reveron.

Dr. Torres-Reveron was born in Puerto Rico, who studied at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for eight years. He attended the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.

“I am an epilepsy surgeon by training.” Dr. Torres-Reveron tells 10TV, “I'm also functional neurosurgeon so I treat patients with Parkinson's disease. These are people that have had a horrific chronic disease for a long period of time. They can't drive, they cannot do many things and all of a sudden, surgery can change that completely. It's beautiful to see that.”

Healthcare is not something to think about, it is something to do. However, setbacks like cost, insurance, and access can prevent communities from receiving the care they deserve.

Dr. Torres tells 10TV that preventive care is the cheapest way to take care of one’s health. Routinely receiving preventive tests, lab or blood work, or a yearly checkup are great ways to get ahead of the curve on one’s health. These are ways to find changes in your life that can lead to a longer and healthier life.

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