Columbus, OH,
16:38 PM

OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital Leadership Team Gives Back


Hospital Staff Teams Up With Junior Achievement

Each day, the management team at OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital heads to work. But on this day, these hospital leaders turned their ID badges into work at radio stations, banks, grocery stores and more at Junior Achievement’s Biz Town. Lisa Gossett is the Chief Nursing Officer at Dublin Methodist and is also a board member of junior achievement

"I have a huge amount of passion for what we are teaching our youngsters, kindergarten through high school, personal finance, how the economy works," Gossett said.

On this day, these leaders teamed up with local kids from area schools. They teamed up, built a business strategy, and talked about how they execute things; from the branding to the customer experience.

"We have an engaged group of business professionals that partner with educators teachers, counselors to prepare kids for the business of life," Mike Davis, President, JA of Central Ohio.

To pull off something like BIZTOWN, JA recruits businesses to put their name on the walls, and then recruits business professionals, like those from Dublin, to come and show what it’s like to run the show.

"To come together and model how we do this and grow our future workforce, economic development we need in the future because we have great partners for the different sectors," Davis said.

It’s obvious when you listen to the ideas, the discussion, and enthusiasm that the kids are getting plenty from an event like this.

"The kids are our future, going to be associates of future healthcare. If we can make a difference in one of these kids because we help them," Gossett said.

But this does just as much for the business professional community, coming together, working hard outside the walls of the hospital, and giving back to the next generation.

"I put out the call, and they all answered the call with a yes. It’s the togetherness of being outside the work environment learning more about each other and what makes us tick," Gossett said.

And growing business leaders of the future.

"What we are seeing is more companies are bringing young professionals in through their development arm," Davis said.