Columbus, OH,
02:29 AM

OhioHealth EMS and Circleville Police Department partner together for emergency protocol

OhioHealth Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the Circleville Police Department are working together to help care for citizens of Circleville. A recent law requires a physician guided protocol if EMS crews are dispatched. OhioHealth EMS has supplied the CPD with that guidance in medical director Danni Schneider, DO, who works as an emergency medicine physician with Mid-Ohio Emergency Services at multiple OhioHealth hospitals. This is the first time OhioHealth EMS has partnered with a police department in this capacity.

Dr. Schneider, who is already the medical director for the Circleville Fire Department, will be providing oversight for the CPD by providing guidance in how to dispatch medical calls, based on the scenario described by the caller. Training and cue cards will also be provided to dispatchers so they can remain on the line with the caller until EMS crews arrive.

“Both OhioHealth EMS and myself are thrilled to be working with the Circleville Police Department to move the community into a new age of emergency care,” said Dr. Schneider. “This will help dispatchers in their phone conversations with community members who are in stressful situations. The goal is to give the dispatchers the knowledge and confidence to help the community members remain calm and care for the person in need of assistance until first responders arrive.”

“We are implementing this program, not only because of the law, but because it is the right thing to serve our citizens,” said Shawn Baer, Circleville Police Chief. “We believe that this program has the capability to save lives.”

The CPD is responsible for emergency medical dispatch (EMD) for the entire city of Circleville. The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department handles EMD services for the rest of the county. OhioHealth EMS will soon be partnering with them as well.

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