Delaware, OH,
14:00 PM

OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital Gives Back

Grady Gives Back

Hospital Team Members Volunteer At Local Food Pantry

The number of those with a food need in Delaware County certainly gets your attention.

At Lutheran Social Services of Delaware County, they see 25,000 a year, 50 each day at their choice pantry location.

With that in mind, leadership teams from Grady wanted to work together to give back to an organization doing such good things for those working and living in the county.

“We can talk about things all day and hear about them all day, but if we have the opportunity to get out and see what's going on I think it connects the dots for us,” Grady President Steve Bunyard said.

Food Pantry manager Casey McElroy says that’s exactly what has to happen for those in need to get the help they need and deserve. Adding food need is an issue that has no true face.

“Some come in after losing their jobs, 2-3 times, grandparents who are raising their grandkids, people on disability and Social Security and can’t make ends meet,” McElroy said.

On this day, Grady team members worked on sorting fresh fruits and vegetables, stocking shelves, and meeting with clients in this choice pantry.

“Critical part of what we do, and a big part of community engagement,” Bunyard said.

“Seeing OhioHealth and Grady Memorial Hospital being involved in the neighborhoods and city is a wonderful thing,” McElroy said.

Beyond the shelves and carts, there are messages everyone. From those who give.

“There are people on this wall, names of people who have volunteered their time, giving back. Without them we can’t do what we are doing,” McElroy said.

To those who receive. Messages from the heart line the walls. Each name and family, looking over the great work being done in the aisles

“Some of them are very serious, thankful for family, faith and food,” McElroy said.

That’s what it's all about. Teaming up, with an understanding that what happens here, keeps people healthy

“Folks that have trouble eating healthy end up with more health problems. To be part of a community hoping to keep them healthy outside of the hospital is great and this is part of that,” Bunyard said.

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