Columbus, OH,
15:00 PM

OhioHealth Grant Medical Center Celebrates 30 Years of Trauma Care Excellence

OhioHealth Grant Medical Center is commemorating 30 years as a Level I Trauma Center, having received verification from the American College of Surgeons since 1993. The center stands as the region's largest volume trauma facility, evaluating over 7,000 patients annually with more than 90,000 trauma admissions since 2005.

“A Level I Trauma Center is the highest level of trauma center designation,” said Urmil Pandya, MD, medical director of trauma at Grant Medical Center. “More than 100 criteria must be met before a center can be a Level I Trauma Center. It really means that the center can take care of the most severely injured patients, that we have all the resources to give people the best chance to survive."

Grant's influence extends far beyond the immediate community, receiving trauma patients from 55 different counties in Ohio. The hospital was recognized as the top-performing Level I Trauma Center in the state, according to the 2022 Vizient Mortality Index. 

In addition to its high-quality care, Grant is at the forefront of trauma research. With over 80 peer-reviewed trauma-related research publications, 100 national and regional presentations and participation in over 40 multicenter trials since 2019, the hospital is a leader in trauma care advancement.

“We partake in research and community leadership to really help promote trauma care,” said Dr. Pandya. “Grant is a leader in our community and to know that there's a center there that if anything terrible happens, in a world of constant disasters and mass casualties, we're a center that is going to be there no matter what, thick and thin, to partner with our community to help those victims of violence.”

In 2021, Grant Medical Center’s trauma team became the first in the world to use Prytime Medical Devices’ pREBOA-PRO™ (partial Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta), a partial catheter used to stop blood loss in severe trauma cases. Since July 2023, Grant has been 1 of 8 centers nationally to participate in the Department of Defense-funded PROMPT (Partial REBOA Outcomes Multicenter ProspectTive) trial to study how pREBOA improves patient care. 

Grant collaborates with Columbus Public Health to implement programs like VOICE (Violence, Outreach, Intervention and Community Engagement) which offers assistance to victims of penetrating trauma through counseling, education, and job placement.

Dr. Pandya and the trauma team are proud to celebrate three decades of excellence and are committed to providing great care to the community for years to come.

“It's a marker of our consistency in our excellence for 30 years, which is really great,” he said. “We're so proud that we've been consistent and really a pillar of trauma—what we call an elite trauma center in our region.”

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