Columbus, OH,
19:46 PM

OhioHealth Home Health Teams Brave the Snow and Cold

Home Health Cold

“This car is my office, you live in it, and I spend all day in it," OhioHealth Home Health Nurse Shelly Donaldson said.

What a wicked couple of weeks of central Ohio weather it's been in that car. Through the cold, ice, snow and bitter temperatures, many have stayed home. Others, like OhioHealth Home Health teams, they've have been out, and seeing patients each day.

“Just walking, some people can't get out to shovel their sidewalks, sometimes you are trucking through inches of snow, it can be challenging," Donaldson said.

For Shelly, she says bad weather is just part of the job, and she knows the care can't stop for anything, even snow and subzero conditions.

"That’s what I’m here for, that’s what I do. Sometimes I might be the only person they see that week, or their caregiver lives miles away and is unable to get to them because of snow or ice," Donaldson said.

Melinda Briscoe is an OhioHealth Home Health patient. After a couple of procedures, she knew she would need some help.

“When you get home, it can be a little scary, you don’t have support, having them here has been great, took them up on it," Briscoe said.

She knows how brutal the weather has been on her, and those that come and see her.

“I thank them and ask them how it is outside. Encourage them to park in my driveway, use my side door, I know how bad it is for them," Briscoe said.