Columbus, OH,
21:37 PM

Where You Otter Go: Choosing the Right Place for Care

On June 7, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium visitors joined OhioHealth physicians and animal experts for the second OhioHealth HOOFit walk of the season. The topic at the walk was “Where You Otter Go: Choosing the Right Place for Care.”

Several OhioHealth physicians participated in the walk and lead zoo goers around, giving their insight on where patients should go for care for various medical scenarios and discussed the differences between primary care, urgent care and emergency care. Participating physicians included:

117 walkers of all ages partook in the walk, enjoying the beautiful weather and lively animals that made the time at the zoo all that more exciting.

If you were not able to attend the walk here are some informative tips that the physicians discussed regarding how to better stay healthy and manage your care:

Primary vs. Urgent vs. Emergency Care- how to know where to go?

  • Primary Care: Primary Care Physicians are long-term care providers.
    • Provides preventative care, screenings and treat chronic illness. If you don’t need urgent or immediate care, it is best to schedule an appointment with your PCP.
  • Urgent Care: If you need quick, immediate attention but it is not life-threatening. Think flu, sinus infection, sore throat, minor cuts/sprains/burns. They can quickly get you to an ED if more in-depth or treatment is needed.
  • Emergency Care: treat severe or life-threatening conditions.
    • Examples include: Shortness of breath, changes in vision or difficulty breathing, uncontrolled breathing, coughing or vomiting blood
    • Call 911 and the EMS Crew can start your care upon arrival/pick up

What are the benefits of my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

  • You can build a relationship and trust with your PCP as well as schedule same or next day appointments as needed.
  • See your PCP for health screenings and preventative care.
    • Health screenings are beneficial by determining risk factors or detect abnormal changes that could later develop into a disease.

Be informed about health insurance:

  • Between primary, urgent and emergency care, emergency is the most expensive type. It’s important to remember what the most appropriate care is at the most appropriate time to save money and time.
  • Call your provider. Call your insurance. Do your research.
    • Know what care locations accept your insurance, and if you have questions call your insurance provider or doctor’s office.

10TV was on-site for the HOOFit walk. You can view their story in the video player above.

We hope to see you and your walking shoes at the upcoming HOOFit walk on Thursday, June 28! The topic is “Filling Your Pouch: What to Seek Out and Avoid in a Healthy Diet.” If you would like to sign-up please click here.