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OhioHealth Hospice Grants a Veteran His Wish

Veteran Hospice

Ronald Regan said we are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free.

Local veteran Randy Michael Lamone is one who gave, serving in the Army. Veteran's Day in truly special, and he feels it as other show it.

"Respect man, for me, for what happened there and what has happened since then," Lamone said.

Now, he’s a hospice patient with OhioHealth Hospice, a relationship that has grown, as his health has declined.

"The relationship you for, so intimate, because they tell us things that don’t get told, family or friends, we hear their stories and walk that path with them," Teresa Neill-Green with OhioHealth Hospice said.

Leading up to this Veteran’s Day, Randy had a request. He wanted to visit the Motts Military Museum in Groveport, so he could honor those who put on the uniform.

"Big time, what they went through was war, people trying to kill them," Lamone said.

"When that was offered to him.  Randy, he said, these are my people, and that said everything," Neill-Green said.

The OhioHealth team got to work, arranged everything, a personalized tour from Mr. Motts himself.

They even had a surprise for him at the end, a military salute with other veterans who came to make this day even more special, a special presentation for him, a surprise that brought this veteran to tears.

Honoring a man, and a life well lived, and a day that brought everyone to tears.

"To see Randy, a lot on him, and all the men and women who sacrifice every day, That’s why," Neill-Green said.

Who knows how long we are given on this earth, but Randy says this day means so much, and so do the people that made it happen for him.

"I know when Randy goes home tonight, he’ll sleep good and feel proud of himself," Neill-Green said.

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