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OhioHealth Hospice Helps Grant Final Wish

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How did we get here? As a country, as Americans? If you ask Major General retired and current director of the Ohio Department of Veteran Services, Deborah Ashenhurst, it’s on the strength, the courage and honor of our veterans.

“Right down from the very top, our governor has so much respect for our veterans, and he makes that clear in about anything and everything he does,” Ashenhurst said. “So, he allows me the freedoms to go do whatever I can to make Ohio veterans understand the difference that they’ve made, and how much we treasure them and how much we want to preserve their part of history.”

We’re here because of men like Colonel Farrell, an OhioHealth Hospice patient. He spent his life moving our country forward. And now, in his final days, it’s time to give back to him.

“We wanted to celebrate with him, the gift that he gave to all of us. His sacrifice and his time that he spent in the service,” Teresa Neill-Green, OhioHealth Hospice said.

Colonel Farrell wanted to visit Motts Military Museum in Groveport.

“Lori and Warren Motts have just been fantastic to work with and we are just so pleased that they’re so willing to work directly with us,” Neill-Green said.

Major General Ashenhurst knew she needed to be here too. Not just for showing respect for a stranger, but for someone she knows, and knows well.

“Colonel Tom Farrell as this is one of his wishes as he’s in hospice he wanted to come to Motts Military Museum,” Ashenhurst said.  “Like Colonel Tom Farrell the Colonel Tom Farrell? I’ve served with him. My father served with him. Let me take the certificate and present it to him personally. This is personal for me.”

It’s personal for the OhioHealth hospice team too. To honor our veterans with final wishes. It’s personal for Teresa, whose family has served.

“So for me, this is just a very important place, it’s a very sacred place,” Neill-Green said.  “And I just think it’s just a way, just a kind, small, simple way to say thank you.”

To listen, to honor, for all they have given.

“And so to come back here, kind of as a final chapter, I think speaks volumes,” Neill-Green said.  “So, I’m grateful we had the chance to do that.”

With the latest OhioHealth news, I’m Marcus Thorpe.

The Final Wishes Fund through the OhioHealth Foundation makes these types of events possible. To learn more, or to give, click here.