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OhioHealth Marion Cancer Center Committed to Providing Comprehensive Care

Cancer is just one of the words everyone fears they will hear. In June 2020, Monica Dyer was diagnosed with a type of breast cancer called invasive lobular carcinoma. While receiving this life-altering news, Dyer was an oncology nurse navigator at OhioHealth Marion General Hospital.

"The fact that I was working in oncology when I was diagnosed was a huge blessing to me because everything was at my fingertips. I didn't have to decide where to go, because I trust these providers, and I know that we have the best of the best and I was already where I needed to be," Dyer told Sophia Veneziano with Marion Star.

Radiation oncologist, Rebekah Young, MD, was Dyer’s doctor during her cancer journey. Although they did not know each other well before being her doctor, Dr. Young said Dyer was the ideal patient, asking questions and being involved in her care.

"What I try to give patients is not only obviously doing the best care as a doctor, as a radiation oncologist, but also being there emotionally. Some patients don't need it, and some patients don't want it, and that's fine, but I think part of the job when you're a cancer doctor is spending time with patients and listening and being able to tell what they need," Dr. Young said.

Though she received much of her treatment at OhioHealth Hardin Memorial Hospital to have boundaries with her patients, she said she wished the cancer center was available to her as she would have considered staying onsite. Now, Monica Dyer is the oncology program manager for Marion General Hospital.

Marion General opened its brand-new comprehensive OhioHealth Marion Cancer Center on October 24. Dyer said she is excited for patients to have all services and resources in one place.

"Our oncologists, surgeons, office staff, infusion center and radiation center as well as the supportive services we offer such as our oncology nurse Navigators and social worker, dietician, lymphedema specialist and specialty providers that see patients locally - all make our cancer program what it is. And I’m blessed to be a part of it," she explained.

On October 19, the Marion Cancer Center served its first patient, Charles Nesbitt, 82, from Mount Gilead when he arrived for an infusion appointment. Nesbitt was diagnosed with leukemia in March 2021 and will continue his battle with cancer at the new comprehensive cancer center.

Lead cancer care physician, Arvinder Bhinder, MD, explained that the ease of collaboration between doctors will take away some of the stress of cancer patients. Rather than waiting for a phone call from radiation oncology, Dr. Bhinder said he can now just walk down the hall to ask questions or compare notes.

“The patient can see both of us on the same day instead of coming for two appointments. Come one day, see us, see them, and have a plan, go home. So that’s what most of the comprehensive cancer center does: the patient can come there, radiation can see them over there, oncology and surgeon can see them over here,” Dr. Bhinder said.

Marion General Hospital President Curt Gingrich, MD, said the goal in the design of both the space and the services is meeting existing needs and thinking ahead as the cancer center hopes to be a regional hub for north central Ohio.

"We look at it for what we really see as our service area as Marion, Hardin, Morrow, Wyandot and Crawford Counties and finding the way to support the hospitals in those counties and what care can be kept there and what care without having to travel further [to Columbus or Cleveland] they can come to this location to receive it.”

The Marion Cancer Center is designed to allow patients to find comprehensive cancer care closer to home. To learn more about the services offered at Marion Cancer Center, click here.

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