Marion, Ohio,
14:00 PM

OhioHealth Marion General Hospital Celebrates 10 Years of Cupcake Wars With Event to Support Bereavement, Palliative, and Maternity Care

OhioHealth Marion General Hospital’s TWIG organizations (Together We Inspire Giving) are celebrating a decade of raising money to support healthcare services at the hospital with a fun event featuring local bakers. The Cupcake Wars started in 2014 and this year’s event will happen Monday April 15th. 

Cupcake Wars 2024, hosted by the hospital’s TWIG II organization, is happening at The Brickyard on Main in downtown Marion. At the event, dozens of local amateur bakers will compete for best cupcake and guests are invited to bid on the creations. 
Over the course of the last decade, the event has raised tens of thousands of dollars. 

“Another Cupcake Wars event is happening and will not only showcase sweet treats, but the unity of locals rallying for a great cause. Many hidden talents will be on full display as attendees race to claim their favorite cupcakes throughout the evening. It is always an enjoyable and tasteful event,” said Sarah Rassell, TWIG II president. 

“We are excited that this has become a tradition over the past decade to support Marion General Hospital’s bereavement, palliative, and maternity care programs,” said Beth Meadows, advisor, Philanthropy & Volunteers, Marion General Hospital. “Each year, the bakers get more and more creative so I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring to the table.” 

Cupcake Wars is happening Monday April 15th at 5:30 p.m. at The Brickyard on Main in downtown Marion. For more information e-mail

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