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22:48 PM

OhioHealth Medical Minute: CenteringPregnancy

Medical Minute - CenteringPregnancy

CenteringPregnancy is a nationally accredited program available to expecting mothers in central Ohio at OhioHealth Grant Family Medicine.  Lauren Hackett, BSN, program manager of CenteringPregnancy, discusses the program in the latest OhioHealth Medical Minute. 

 “CenteringPregnancy is an evidence-based model of care that we offer at OhioHealth Grant Family Medicine,” said Lauren.  “This model of care allows physicians to provide women with pregnancy and birth-related information.  They receive prenatal education, social support in a group setting among their peers, as well as one-on-one private physical checkups with their provider.”

So what does a typical CenteringPregnancy session look like?

CenteringPregnancy Notebooks - Grant Family Medicine“Our groups meet on a regular prenatal schedule,” said Lauren.  Appointments include checking weight and blood pressure, followed by private appointments with a physician.  After that, the group discussions begin.

“The group discussions include, but aren't limited to, breastfeeding, nutrition and pregnancy, infant safety and much more,” said Lauren.

Data shows that women who participate in CenteringPregnancy have higher rates of reaching a full-term pregnancy and decreased rates of infant mortality.

If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about CenteringPregnancy or setting up an appointment, please call (614) 788-5400. To learn more about the CenteringPregnancy model, click here