Columbus, OH,
18:03 PM

OhioHealth Medical Minute: March Vasectomy Madness

Medical Minute Vasectomies

March Madness is here and we often hear about the flocks of men who schedule vasectomies in March so they can recover at home in front of a stream of basketball games. But does this really happen?

OhioHealth Urologist Dr. Greg Lowe says yes! Since he began practicing in 2011, Dr. Lowe says he sees a nearly thirty percent increase in vasectomies during March Madness, a spike that is repeated at the start of football season.

But just how much screen time should you expect following a vasectomy? Dr. Lowe says the simple, 15-minute procedure requires 2 to 3 days of rest before you’re on your feet and back to work, enough time to plow through the first round of the NCAA tournament. Dr. Lowe also shares that December is also a popular month for vasectomies as many people have met health insurances deductibles and want to complete the procedure before their insurance resets in January.

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