Columbus, OH,
19:28 PM

OhioHealth Medical Minutes: World Mental Health Day

Medical Minute Schabbing

Today is World Mental Health Day. The World Health Organization reports that suicide in young people is the second leading cause of death in those ages 15-29.

Dr. Megan Schabbing is the director of psychiatric emergency services at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital. Dr. Schabbing says its important to identify changes in behavior in children under the age of 14, start the process of getting help, that could lead to a healthier live into their later teen, and adult years.

"It's really important to keep the communication going with your children. Some warning signs can be a child getting down on themselves, going to the nurse a lot, stomach aches, headaches or other physical problems, beating themselves up over little things, withdrawal from friends and family can be warning signs for mental health issues."

One of the most difficult things with mental health is knowing where to start. Dr. Schabbing says that there first steps that can happen, and should happen if you or someone you know might show signs of anxiety or depression.

"The first step should be connecting with your primary care physician. We first need to rule out other medical problems that might present  as mental health illness. From there we can get together a good plan that might include a mental health professional," Schabbing said.

But a day like this goes beyond just depression and anxiety. Mental health can just be dealing with day-to-day stress of life, work, and other things going on.

Experts suggest taking time to get exercise, socialize with friends or family, and make time for yourself.