Columbus, OH,
14:00 PM

OhioHealth Offers Free Second Opinion Clinic for Prostate Cancer

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After receiving a cancer diagnosis, some opt for a second opinion for the peace of mind that they are receiving the right treatment plan.

Patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer can now take advantage of the Prostate Cancer Second Opinion Clinic through OhioHealth. No referral is needed, but patient must have a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

 “Our prostate cancer second opinion clinic is designed for men with prostate cancer who either recently been diagnosed or recently have had a progression of their disease,” said Colleen Duncan, OhioHealth clinical nurse specialist and system oncology educator at the Prostate Cancer Second Opinion Clinic.

After receiving an initial consult and reviewing options with their physician, the clinic takes place at the Dublin Cancer Center and uses a multidisciplinary approach meeting. 

 “You're going be present in person with a couple of our providers and then some people you're going to meet with virtually, over the computer,” said Duncan. “So, you are going to have the opportunity to meet with three different physicians. A urology surgeon, a radiation oncologist and medical oncologist as well as a genetic counselor myself and then one of our nurse navigators.”

These providers give patients the option to go through and learn about the different treatment options specific to their diagnosis.

“All of them would have already reviewed all of your records having to do with your prostate cancer, which a genetic counselor will be able to meet with you and let you know if you are or are not eligible for genetic testing,” said Duncan. “Then our nurse navigator is going to meet with you and review some available community resources as well as just provide some general education for you on prostate cancer. And all of this you can expect to take about one hour.”

The OhioHealth Prostate Cancer Second Opinion Clinic is the only program of its kind in central Ohio. It is a free clinic, open to any patients within and outside of OhioHealth.

“We intend to offer you a second opinion and then allow you to continue your care closer to home. We want to make it as easy as possible for people. The great thing is it's really, really easy to be seen in this clinic,” said Duncan.

Patients do not need a referral, as they can call in themselves. “We really just want to be able to provide the service to others, like we said you don't have to be a patient here, it is a free service. We want to be able to let you know all sorts of different treatment options you have for your cancer, then be able to follow up closer to home.”

To learn more about OhioHealth’s Prostate Cancer Second Opinion Clinic, click here