Columbus, OH,
14:00 PM

OhioHealth Simulation Program Prepares First Responders

Simulation centers at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital, Doctors Hospital and Grant Medical Center allow physicians, nurses and first responders to hone their skills and practice new techniques using patient simulators. These simulators are extremely lifelike and can breathe, cough, blink, show vital signs, be punctured, talk to the caregivers and even deliver babies.  Using makeup and props, the patient simulators can be set up in a way to make the scenario as realistic as possible to help best train participants.  

If first responders aren't able to come to one of the OhioHealth locations to practice, OhioHealth can go to them via a mobile unit, a fully equipped medic truck that makes it possible to simulate a variety of real life scenarios. This is all to prepare first responders to provide the best care possible before patients reach an OhioHealth care site.

Recently, OhioHealth held the first ever OhioHealth EMS iRESQ Conference. A first of it's kind EMS simulation conference. iRESQ is an innovative, experiential based, immersive learning experience for first responders. OhioHealth EMS will offer iRESQ on a quarterly basis.