Columbus, OH,
15:00 PM

OhioHealth Welcomes Principal Advisor To Guide Sustainability Efforts Across the System

OhioHealth is proud to welcome Terri Scannell as Principal Advisor of Sustainability and ESG. Scannell comes to the organization as a nationally recognized expert in this area and is the first to step into this new role within the organization. 

OhioHealth is dedicated to enhancing the commitment of environmental sustainability and focusing efforts on how it plays a major role in providing the best care in and out of all OhioHealth facilities. 

As sustainability principal advisor, Scannell will lead the sustainability team in making decisions and implementing projects that focus on the five key areas: 
• Reducing OhioHealth organizational Greenhouse Gas emissions 
• Designing resiliency that incorporates the needs of the community 
• Leveraging our value chain to decarbonize and improve safety 
• Diverting waste from landfills to improve community health 
• Maximizing efficiency in transportation to improve air quality and community health 

“OhioHealth has a world class culture and a progressive sustainability program and has a reputation for strong execution on tough problems,” Scannell says, “What is most extraordinary about OhioHealth is the people. I find the collaborative spirit, commitment to excellence and compassionate care unlike any organization.” 

Scannell is originally from Dallas but lived in England for more than a decade. She earned a BAA in Finance from Texas Tech University, a MBA, in International Business from University of Leeds (UK), a Postgraduate Diploma in Law from Leeds Beckett University (UK), a certificate in Corporate Citizenship Practice from Boston College and completed Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership at Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health. 

Prior to joining OhioHealth, Scannell she served as a senior director, ESG, sustainability and community benefit with a specific focus on healthcare at Vizient, Inc. She’s been recognized in FastCompany magazine and multiple other publications and organizations for her achievements and passion for ESG. 

“With Terri’s background as a national healthcare sustainability leader and her knowledge of the corporate social responsibility field, we knew she was the right fit to help take OhioHealth’s commitment to Sustainability to the next level,” OhioHealth’s Chief Administrative Officer Johnni Beckel says. “Having her guidance will enable us to take a holistic view of this work, continue to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our associates and make a positive impact on our community while leveraging the great work we are already doing.” 

Understanding environmental issues is something Scannell believes is essential to addressing health equity in the communities OhioHealth serves. Climate change, extreme weather, air pollution, water contamination and declining soil quality pose short-term and long-term risks to community health and economic prosperity. 

“Healthcare is uniquely equipped to address the interconnected nature of sustainability and the overall health of our communities,” Scannell says, “Transforming the way we do business and shifting our thinking from consumption to efficiency and resiliency takes intentional effort and requires adopting these principles into the mission, strategy and culture of OhioHealth. Our future depends on it.” 

Scannell’s ambitious, accountable, and confident mindset not only plays a large role in her professional life, but also in her personal life. In her spare time, Scannell enjoy road biking and has a talent for spectacular crashes. In 2022, she climbed the Quandary Peak in Colorado, and her goal in 2024 is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, a region of Tanzania. 

Family is also very important to Scannell. Her daughter, Charlotte, is a junior at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, studying criminal justice and she also runs track. Her son, Dylan, just graduated with a degree in Fine Art and is beginning his career as an art handler. As a family, they enjoy exploring national parks together, watching basketball, ice hockey and football. 
“I’m excited to not only reach personal goals in my life with my family, but I’m also thrilled for this opportunity to help OhioHealth reach their goals of becoming a sustainability leader in the community.” Scannell goes on to say, “Only a handful of healthcare providers have the capacity to transform the way healthcare is delivered and I truly believe OhioHealth has what it takes to create change.” 

Back in November of last year, OhioHealth was celebrated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) for pledging ongoing action to decarbonize the health care sector and make health care facilities more resilient to the effects of climate change. (Will link this to the article release) 

“We’ve already made significant progress and with Scannell now part of the team, we intend to continue our focus on being a leading sustainable organization,” says Beckel.