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OhioHealth Wellness on Wheels Appears on GMA3

GMA3 - Wellness on Wheels

On Tuesday, Aug. 1, OhioHealth Wellness on Wheels was given the opportunity to appear on national television on ABC's GMA3.   Sonia Booker, MSN, RN, manager of Wellness on Wheels, was interviewed by ABC medical contributor Darien Sutton, MD, about Wellness on Wheels and how it brings care, support and education to patients.  According to a new report released Tuesday by the March of Dimes, over 5.6 million women in the United States live in counties with limited or no access to maternity care services.

“It's about access to care,” said Booker.  “In 1992, OhioHealth knew that all women should have access to prenatal care, so we started the mobile health unit and now, in partnership with March of Dimes, we have nine clinics per week throughout central Ohio for prenatal care to make sure all women have access.  It's made a difference.”

Wellness on Wheels, which works just like a normal doctor's office, delivers primary care, women's health services and prenatal care, regardless of a patient's ability to pay.  

For women's health and prenatal care, the mobile unit is staffed with a team of physicians and providers who provides services such as:

  • Reproductive counseling and birth control
  • Ultrasounds
  • Laboratory testing
  • Nutrition consultations with a dietitian
  • Health insurance guidance
  • Connections to community resources and transportation assistance
  • Interpretive services

The mobile unit provides services throughout central Ohio, including:

Support the mobile unit through the OhioHealth Foundation: Support WOW - OhioHealth Foundation