Dublin, OH,
16:08 PM

Residency Fair Gets Students Face To Face With OhioHealth Programs

Ohio University And OhioHealth Partnership Continues to Find New Connections

What did you want to be when you grew up?

The more than 50 in the inaugural class of the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine at Dublin, they are steps away from that becoming a reality

“Knowing our goal is to take young men and women from central Ohio, keep them here for four years in medical school, get a leg up, find them a residency program and keep them here," William Burke, DO, Dean of Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Dublin said.

And here, right on the Dublin campus, a one-stop shop for that next step - a residency fair. Students getting face to face with OhioHealth residency programs.

“Being able to sit down and interact with residents and program directors, in one place and start to think about where I see myself, in next year or so after I match," 3rd-year student David Kling said.

It’s a place very familiar to Doctors Hospital resident Jake Dubay.

“Certainly there is anxiety, as medical students come through here, pivotal moment in their lives, where to go and what to do," said Jake Dubay DO, Doctors Hospital Resident Physician.

He looked at more than 20 but landed right where he wanted to be.

“Doctors Hospital stood out after all of the this, certainly my number one choice, I think the culture of the program really stood out to me," Dubay said.

But making a name for yourself starts at events like this.

“Getting out and networking very underutilized but can be so beneficial, mentoring, talking to different people, getting a feel for different program," Dubay said.

This program at OU and the partnership are both showing great success. Through every step of the process, students are getting face to face with those living and working where the next generation wants to be.

“That partnership has become stronger, and going beyond that, rotations in 3-4 years, we have engaged program directors residents to come in here and talk with years 1 and 2," Dr. Burke said. “The bottom line is we wouldn’t be successful if it weren't for the relationship we have with OhioHealth.”