Columbus, OH,
17:41 PM

Sim Week 2022 - Sports Injuries Simulation

We are wrapping up Sim Week 2022 around the country. Simulation is an important part of many health systems where  state-of-the-art medical education training centers incorporate some of the world's most advanced healthcare technologies available, including patient simulators.

Through the use of human patient simulators and other advances in medical education technology, centers give medical students and healthcare professionals the opportunity to simulate patient conditions and the patient experience in a wide variety of clinical situations.

“We are so proud of the work happening at OhioHealth in regards to simulation,” Brad Gable, MD, medical director of simulation at OhioHealth said. “We have some of the best and brightest in the field, and the work we do for our learners is critically important to the success of our organization.”

Throughout the year OhioHealth leads partnership simulations with EMS and others.  Recently, OhioHealth Sports Medicine, teamed with the Simulation team to work with EMS groups at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital.

For this specific simulation, EMS teams learned how to handle a sports injury where the athlete is still wearing a helmet and pads.

Simulation teams showed how to properly secure the spine, while removing the gear.

“The success of our emergency department team is based on the success of the EMS team and the care of the patient,” Brad Raetzke, MD, Riverside Methodist Hospital Emergency Physician said.

To reach the EMS teams where they are already working, the teams set up the learning in the emergency ambulance bays at the hospital.

“It's such a great idea, everything within EMS is operationally based, so to be able to provide this education as they are coming to the hospital and ED is great," Eric Cortez, MD, OhioHealth EMS Medical Director said. "It's a remarkable opportunity to provide good, quality education in their day-to-day operation,”