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Smart Business Columbus: Fore Hope Adaptive Golf

Golf Program Going Strong As Summer Ends

Year one of OhioHealth Fore Hope has already been deemed a success, despite several weeks left in the outdoor golf program.

Fore Hope was recently acquired by OhioHealth, after decades as a stand-alone non-profit.

“Like anything else in business, some things are not fast and this was a lengthy courtship if you will,” Dr. Janet Bay, system vice-president OhioHealth Neuroscience said.

Mindy Derr founded Fore Hope after her father, an avid golfer became disabled.

“I had heard about other programs in the nation to help people with life barriers. My background was in non-profit, and I thought, ‘You know, I think maybe I could get something going for my dad and other people,’” Derr told reporter Jayne Gest.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting, golfers from all walks with all types of neurological fights hit the course at Safari golf course.

With those golfers and helpers, and occupational therapists from OhioHealth to get the clients set up to the ball, and let loose those swings they might have been without before finding this program.

“In talking with some of the participants and looking at the program and what it offered, it seemed like a wonderful extension of our other neuroscience program offerings here at OhioHealth," Dr. Bay said to Smart Business Columbus.

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