Columbus, OH,
14:00 PM

Smithsonian: Could vitamin C be the cure for deadly infections?

More than a million Americans become ill due to sepsis every year, and between 28 to 50 percent of them die. Because treating sepsis requires lengthy hospital stays, sepsis costs U.S. hospitals about $23 billion annually. 

After successfully treating around 25 sepsis patients with intravenous vitamin C, Dr. paul Marik believed he discovered the cure. In an interview with Smithsonian, he concluded that vitamin C can support the body's defenses, mitigate leakage through blood vessels, and decrease inflammation that leads to organ damage. Marik gets hundreds of emails a day about his work and says that more than 50 medical centers are using his protocol. 

Other sepsis researchers, however, are a little skeptical about this new method, including OhioHealth system vice president of quality Dr. Jim O'Brien, who states that the probability of a disease such as sepsis to be treated so easily is very low and should be further looked into with a cautios eye. 

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