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The Heart-Brain Connection

HealthDay Heart Brain Connection

A healthy heart may lead to a healthier brain, new study finds.

Video Transcript: 

The heart-brain connection. It’s talked about a lot with love and romance, but it may impact your physical health, as well.

A new study found a healthy heart may help prevent a decline in brain function as we age. Researchers followed more than 700 people, comparing their cardiovascular and brain performance over about six years. They kept track of 7 key factors including cholesterol, blood pressure, diet, weight, blood sugar, physical activity and smoking. Having more ideal scores on these factors was associated with better brain processing speed, less memory decline, better focus, better time management and other cognitive skills.

The authors say these findings underscore the importance of measuring, monitoring and controlling these 7 health factors -- not only to help prevent heart attack and stroke --- but also to possibly protect brain function.

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